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Who is this guy? Born in New Zealand some time back. Went to Maori Hill Primary School then Kaikorai Valley High before joining the RNZAF and an Airman Cadet in 1968. Graduated 1972 with an NZCE in Aeronautical Engineering. Then embarked on the typical Kiwis "Big Trip Overseas". Got to see quite a few places, and spent a while in the U.K. "home" as it was refered to by many New Zealanders in those days, before travelling on to New York and then to Canada by bus!! This trip is presently on hold (has been for the last 34 years). Met my dear wife Judy not long after arriving in Ontario and we have been happily married since 1976. After travelling around New Zealand and the pacific in 1979 I started Precision Sportscar andfor the next 23 years grew the business and helped raise 2 boys Drew and Robin.

Low Mileage Austin Healey 100. A Rare Opportunity to Look Back.

Recently Bob Yule of Autofarm Ltd was kind enough to allow me to take a close look at a very early 1954 Austin Healey 100, with only 5300 miles on it from new, that he had in his shop for … Continue reading

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BN1 Gearbox. A Plethora of Threads

Back in the days when I was a really poor British sports car mechanic I managed to pick up a Suzuki LJ80V all-wheel drive van with a badly slipping clutch to use for winter transportation. It was a horrible little … Continue reading

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Laycock-de Normanville Overdrive Installation Tool

Many years ago I made up a little tool which has proved invaluable when attaching an “A” type Laycock-De Normanville overdrive unit to a gearbox. For those not familiar with this operation a little explanation will help. If you have … Continue reading

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LUCAS ALTO HF1748 Horn Rims

At last after months of back and forth with various die makers and die casters I have received a shipment of horn rims for the Lucas HF1748 horns. These 12 volt horns were used on Austin Healey 100-4 (BN1 and … Continue reading

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Early Austin Healey 100 Steering Wheel Detail.

When I was a little nipper back in Dunedin, New Zealand our family car, the first I remember anyway, was a 1948 Austin 16. I have 4 siblings so journeys in the Austin with 3 in the front and 4 … Continue reading

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What is an Oakenstrong Washer?

I received a copy of an SU information bulletin from Earl Kagna during my research into whether or not identification tags were fitted to Austin Healey 100 carburettors. Our local SU guru Blain Hughes was good enough to send me … Continue reading

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Wear Resistant Suspension Materials

Wear of suspension bushes has been a problem that has plagued vehicle manufacturers since the days of horse drawn coaches. To combat this wear modern automobiles use complex and expensive ‘ball joints” which, as long as the protective rubber boot … Continue reading

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One of the cars that I own is a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4. I purchased this car many years back and use it quite a bit in the summer months. It is absolutely stock and a real pleasure to … Continue reading

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Carcamel 8 Years and 200,000 km Down the Track

Well it is now 8 years since I built the CARCAMEL and it has proved to be a very versatile and reliable machine far exceeding my expectations of a “homebuilt” vehicle. It has been used for carrying all manner of … Continue reading

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Austin Healey 3000 bores in a 100/6 block.

Over the years I have been asked many times if there is any good reason why a 100/6 (3.125” bore) should not be overbored to 3000 specifications (3.281”). Back, before I knew better, I believed that there was no good … Continue reading

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