Adjusting the brakes and getting all the air out of the hydraulic brake system to produce a “hard” pedal can be particularly difficult when dealing with the all drum systems of 100 and 100/6 Austin Healeys. Here are tips that I have found make the job a little easier. CHECK THE ARC OF THE BRAKE… Continue reading BLEEDING AUSTIN HEALEY 4 WHEEL DRUM BRAKES


BN1 GEARBOX GEAR IDENTIFICATION There are essentially 2 types of gear sets for the BN1 gearbox because, in an attempt to improve durability of the gearbox, BMC changed the pressure and helix angles of both the input shaft gear and the 3rd gear (and of course their mating gears on the laygear) in later gearboxes.… Continue reading IDENTIFYING BN1 GEARBOX GEARS

Austin Healey 100 Crank Failures.

“Cumulative Fatigue Failure for Dummies” I broke a crankshaft while racing my 100S and that experience always haunted me because original 100S engine blocks are extremely rare and I knew that I had been very lucky not to have destroyed mine with that “blow up”. Over the years I had encountered many cases of 100… Continue reading Austin Healey 100 Crank Failures.

New and Used British Sports Car Parts

Below are links to lists of new parts available for purchase: Healey 6 Cylinder Water Pump Kits Lucas HF 1748 Horn Rims (Reduced price) MG TD & TF Cluster Gears Odd Smiths Heater Valves I also have a large number of used parts: Tons of Used Parts I Tons of Used Parts II Tons of… Continue reading New and Used British Sports Car Parts

MG TD TF Cluster Gears $US425.00 Exchange

In the early days of the last century one of the major considerations in British motor engineering design was to manufacture at MINIMUM COST and this principle was evident in almost everything that they produced. One area where this was most notable was in the design of the 4 speed gearboxes fitted to almost every… Continue reading MG TD TF Cluster Gears $US425.00 Exchange

BN1 Gearbox Front Seal Replacement

BN1 gearboxes are somewhat renowned for their ability to leave pools of oil on the ground.  One of the most annoying of these leaks occurs when the car is parked facing downhill. This particular leak is inherent in the design. The BN1  Gearbox and Overdrive Unit Rather than having a lip type seal this gearbox… Continue reading BN1 Gearbox Front Seal Replacement

Tire Truing (A Home Solution)

After the concours inspections at Enclave 2015 in Gettysburg, PA I managed to catch the last few minutes of a tech session presented by Ken Beck of K & T Vintage Sports Cars of Allentown, PA  on the dreaded “Scuttle Shake” so common to Austin Healeys. The solution proposed in this presentation was to shave… Continue reading Tire Truing (A Home Solution)