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Tons of Used Parts …Chapter II

Now that the seasons have started their “miraculous mutations” or “swapping around” as we humble non poets would put it the temperature in Ontario has risen, albeit briefly, above freezing. This brief respite has presented me with the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Tons of new and used Healey parts

I am seeking the advice of the British Sportscar aficionados out there to resolve a problem that I have encountered. As many will know I used to own and operate Precision Sportscar and our speciality was Big Healeys. At the … Continue reading

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Polyurethane Suspension Bushes

For many years now aftermarket vendors have been extolling the virtues of polyurethane suspension bushes. I have yet to be convinced. Several years back, at the request of a Healey owner we installed a set of these which he supplied. … Continue reading

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Healey Master Cylinder Clevis Pins

When the workers on the BMC assembly lines assembled Austin Healeys I’m sure they were told time and time again to put a dab of grease on the master cylinder clevis pins before installing them. These are the little 5/16″ … Continue reading

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