Austin Healey 100 Crank Failures.

“Cumulative Fatigue Failure for Dummies” I broke a crankshaft while racing my 100S and that experience always haunted me because original 100S engine blocks are extremely rare and I knew that I had been very lucky not to have destroyed mine with that “blow up”. Over the years I had encountered many cases of 100… Continue reading Austin Healey 100 Crank Failures.

Angled Springs

As the work on the conversion of AHX12’s rear suspension to coilovers proceeds I have been looking at other rear suspension systems for inspiration. One of the most interesting drawings that I have come across is that of the rear suspension used in the Lotus 33 F1 car of 1963.     This state of… Continue reading Angled Springs

Cam Issues

The cam we were using for the first run of AHX12 in 2002 and 2003 was designed and built especially for the engine by Dema Elgin of Elgin Cams. We had asked Dema to build us up another more aggressive cam because we felt the dyno results on the first one he supplied produced may… Continue reading Cam Issues