Wanna run a Targa Stage

If you have ever wondered what it is like to run a Targa Stage here is your chance.

This is a picture of my buddy Dick Paterson’s very hot 1959 Mini “Betty” taken by Gordon Sleigh. You can see the rest of Gordons pictures at : http://pics.spoon.org/Cars/Targa2006/


The following is a video from the inside of Betty while Dick and his Kiwi co-driver Tony Mattson hot shoe it through the very tight Brigus stage in the 2006 Targa Newfoundland. They were one of only two cars that managed to “clean” the stage. See the results here.
Turn up the sound and enjoy the ride.

By Michael

Who is this guy? Born in New Zealand some time back. Went to Maori Hill Primary School then Kaikorai Valley High before joining the RNZAF and an Airman Cadet in 1968. Graduated 1972 with an NZCE in Aeronautical Engineering. Then embarked on the typical Kiwis "Big Trip Overseas". Got to see quite a few places, and spent a while in the U.K. "home" as it was refered to by many New Zealanders in those days, before travelling on to New York and then to Canada by bus!! This trip is presently on hold (has been for the last 34 years). Met my dear wife Judy not long after arriving in Ontario and we have been happily married since 1976. After travelling around New Zealand and the pacific in 1979 I started Precision Sportscar andfor the next 23 years grew the business and helped raise 2 boys Drew and Robin.


  1. Well guys that certainly got my attention. Do we really have to wait nine more months before we can do it all again.

    Great driving Dick!!! I suppose Tony deserves some of the credit too.

    Best Wishes for 2007

    See you in September


  2. WOW!!! I knew we set up a great stage, but I have never had an opportunity to see it run quite like that. I hope you guys had a blast running it. We had a blast setting it up for you. See you all in 2007…

    Greg Hiscock
    Stage Co-ordinator – Brigus
    2004, 2005 & 2006

  3. Hi Greg and Happy New Year. You and all the teams who do so much to make Targa a blast do an outstanding job every year and we competitors are very grateful.
    See You …in September….:-)

  4. Good stuff, Mike!

    The roads are narrow, and the houses and fences are pretty close to it. What happens when someone takes out a fence or puts a hole in a house? Do the locals mind this possibility, or having cars traveling so fast on their little roads?

    It looks easy to go astray from the route. Do you have a pre-race chance to drive it and scope it out? Practice runs?

  5. Hi Steve, yep and yep to the houses and fences, we take a really close look at them quite frequently ๐Ÿ™‚
    Do the locals mind? Let me just say this: when General Lou McKenzie took the rear bumper off his car, taking out a section of fence with it, he got back to the owner with profuse apologies and cheque in hand to cover the damages. The owner told him that the remains of the fence were in pride of place on his wall in the family room and they are a great talking point over a few pints!!

    Do we get a practice? Nope, you drive what you see and trust your co-driver. You just giv’er as the the folks on the rocks would say ๐Ÿ™‚



  6. WOW! Dick that is even better then last years video. Make’s me want to build a big motor for my little one and bash around the rock.

    Cheers Joe@suncor

  7. So do it Joe! We already have a team of 3 Minis going this year and you would be the fourth. I guaranteee you the drive of your life ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheers Joe,


  8. Hi Dick,

    I am reading through this site, and I remember a quote for you in 2005, in which you said,”Brakes don’t work in the AIR!”, I believe you made it in reference to having to slow for a hard left over a crest after having cleared our wonderful wooden bridge.

    Believe me when I say I think you will be even more impressed and suprised with the brigus stage for 2007. We are hoping to ad an additional 2 kms to the course this year.

    I will probably see more of you all this year, I have moved up to Leg Co-ordinator for the entire Avalon Region.

    Take Care, See You in September…

    Greg Hiscock
    Avalon Region Leg Co-ordinator
    Stage Co-ordinator – Brigus
    2004, 2005 & 2006

  9. the video is off the hook but would like to see pics of the van you used to haul the car to newfoundland.

  10. Guys,

    Car sounds great but you could not pay me enough to thread that needle you call a special stage….

    Give me the two lanes of mountain roads, burros, horses and other wildlife and shear cliffs versus mailboxes, picket fences, stores and telephone poles…

    Change the final drive, add a couple of radiators and come on down to Mexico.

    Regards, tom

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