A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a fan-film for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles called “Fight the Foot”. I found it to be remarkably well shot (it looked like a film) and a fun little short.

Lately I’ve been encountering a few of these and I wanted to share a few of my favorites. Enjoy.

The first fan movie I can recall seeing was Troops!, a parody that blended Cops! and Star Wars in wonderful form and for the Star Wars geeks, it humorously filled in a some missing plot elements from “A New Hope”. I think I first saw it in 1997 and I loved it.


Here’s the one mentioned above, Fight the Foot. I’d recommend clicking on the link and watching in HD. I really like the colour pallet and framing… and the last quick shot is really cool. I can’t wait to see the turtles back on the big screen if the studios ever get around to it.

Fight the Foot

Next up is this cool Mortal Kombat proof-of-concept. This one landed the director a pending web-series apparently. Perhaps if it does well we’ll get to see a big-screen adaptation.
(Warning, this one is pretty graphic.)

Mortal Kombat

Last but not least, here’s a couple of fan films based around the Half-Life franchise. One from last year (Escape From City 17) and one just from last month (Beyond Black Mesa). Both are excellent, but my personal preference is for Escape From City 17.

Escape From City 17 – Part 1

Beyond Black Mesa

Got any others I should look at? A personal favorite?

I’d love to make one of these. An adult-tuned Thundercats would be badass.

EDIT: Forgot to include an old one I forgot about… below is Batman – Dead End… which is awesome at first… and then really really weird…

Batman – Dead End