I hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving. I headed up to the cottage for a weekend with the family. Had a wonderful turkey dinner on Saturday and got a bunch of work done with my brother on the in-floor heating, completing the heat transfer plate installation as well as getting the insulation all up. Framing for the downstairs can now proceed.

How To Train Your Dragon
I watched this on Thursday evening with my dad at the cottage. It was a cute little movie with some very interesting creature design. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I’m not a better person because I’ve seen it. Still not sure on the historical accuracy of it; apparently all mature vikings are Scottish and young vikings are either Spanish or American… something strange must happen at puberty. Overall, a very enjoyable film which I would recommend.

L’Immortel (22 Bullets)
A French film produced by Luc Besson staring Jean Reno, I was expecting a little more action. A revenge film about a mob boss in Marseilles shot 22 times by rivals and the revenge he enacts upon those who wronged him. It’s a good film, but can move slowly at times. I did enjoy it, but I wouldn’t watch it again. See it if you’re a fan of Jean Reno.

Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Seriously... bad.

Resident Evil Afterlife
Crap. Not even pretty crap. Just stupid. I liked the first one in this series, but they’ve just gotten worse and worse as it progresses. They make money though, so I’m sure we’ll see more. Don’t waste your time, in my opinion.

Exercise and Diet
As we’ve come in to the fall here, I’ve decided I want to increase my strength over the winter months, probably until March, and then slim down again for next summer. In order to do that, I need to put on some muscle, which means putting on weight, which means increasing my daily calories.
I’ve switched all of my No-Fat and Low-Fat products to 2% or 3.5% versions and upped my calories to about 3400 per day. It’s a lot of food, but I’m not having any trouble yet.
Right now I’m at 167lbs and I’d LIKE to hit 180lbs by Christmas (which I think is reasonable). That is without gaining to much fat.
The squat goal is 200lbs by my birthday.
We shall see.
I’m having some flexibility issues with my squat, but I’ve got a stretch now which seems to be helping. I’ve just got to remember to do it every day and try to hold it for at least 2 minutes. But I figure if I’m not going deep on the squats, I’m just wasting my time. I’ve added in the leg-press along with leg-extension and hamstring-curls to try to up my leg strength as quickly as possible. Probably stop those within the next month or so if I plateau.

HTPC Storage Space
I’m running seriously low on storage space for the HTPC. I think I’m going to pick up a storage bay Rosewill RSV-S5 SATA 3G 3.5″ HDD 5-Bay. I’m going to try to hold off till after my birthday though. That, with 5 2TB drives, would give me 9.09TB of storage space with a backup in case of drive failure. Should last me at least a few months. 😉

StarCraft 2 – Heart of the Swarm
According to Kotaku, apparently Heart of the Swarm, the next chapter in the StarCraft 2 story is, at minimum, 18 months from store shelves. This means that it will be over 3 years, at the current rate, before we finish the SC2 story. As a single-player-preferred gamer, that’s a REALLY long wait to see what happens. 🙁

Damn Cold
It’s only October 12th, 11 degrees Celsius, and already I’m ready for spring. I really don’t know why I still live in this country.

Rogers Stock
Rogers stock, after a LONG period hovering between $35 and $38 has finally passed $40. Now the question is, do I want to sell some? If so, how much? And where do I put it if I get it out? Potato is wise in his suggestion to not have all eggs in one basket, but right now that basket is producing some mighty fine eggs. So at what point to I spread out?