Fitness Institute and Strong Lifts 5×5 Program

As I mentioned in my last two posts, I recently joined the Fitness Institute. I’ve been able to work out there twice now, and figured I’d give some thoughts on the 5×5 program and the facilities I’ve used thus far.

First up, I am very happy with the gym facilities. The two times I’ve been there (9:30pm on Thursday, and 5pm on Saturday), the facilities have been in use, but not at all crowded. I had to wait slightly for the power rack on Saturday, but not for too long and the members using it were gracious and got out of the way when they were finished their sets.

As for progress, it’s only been 2 days with 5×5 (the first day of which was rediscovering how to lift a barbell and determine my lifting weight), but I am once again, for the first time in a long time, feeling the pleasant ache of muscles as they grow. It’s been quite some time since I could feel this, especially on my chest and quads, and it’s a great feeling, which means progress is being made.

Jonah Hex

I won’t even comment on this. This film is so bad. Even looking at the cover is a waste of your time.

Area 7, Scarecrow and Hell Island

I was debating writing a full review of these three books Area 7, Scarecrow and Hell Island(two novels and one novella), and indeed I may still do so, but I figured I’d put my thoughts down here anyways. I’ve read these books a few times now and I greatly enjoy them. They’re not Yeats or Homer, but they are fun stories and some of the best action sequences ever written. I’m very happy that the author, Matthew Reilly (he who never updates his website), has settled on another “Scarecrow” story for his next novel after writing three stories following the exploits of Jack West (also very good, but I prefer the Schofield character).

If you haven’t read these, and you like thriller/action/adventure books in the vein of Clive Cussler or James Rollins, I highly recommend picking up Ice Station (the first Scarecrow novel) and Temple (a stand-alone story that seems to take place in the same universe). You will probably chew through them in a couple of days (most likely because you can’t put them down) as they are a tonne of fun.

I Want To Look Like That Guy

Saw this documentary last week and it was interesting. There was nothing I really didn’t know in it, but it was very cool to see someone commit 100% and document what is needed to get down to 4% body-fat and compete in a body-building competition. Personally, I think he went about it the wrong way and didn’t gain enough weight, but that’s the cost of trying to do what he did in such a short time frame; putting on enough muscle to get him reliably to the next weight class safely would have taken a much longer time-frame.

The filmmaker shows just how crazy it is to think that one can look like that all the time, however, I don’t think it’s impossible to maintain a six-pack with healthy habits. It just takes time, patience and discipline.

Definitely worth watching if you’re interested in looking like the guy (or girl) in the fitness/product ads.

BBC The Battle Of Britain

Excellent documentary presented by Ewan and Colin McGregor for the BBC which outlines the basics of the RAF and the battle of Britain in 1940. It doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but is a nice overview of the situation that England was faced with after Hitler controlled Paris and the mistakes made by the Axis when attacking the Isle.

Plus, you get to follow Colin as he does the training that the RAF pilots would have done from Tiger Moth to Spitfire and Hurricane fighters, and the Spitfire is still a beautiful looking plane.


Both Rogers (RCI.B) and BP (BP) have been up and down like yo-yos this week hovering near their 52 week highs (well, a shorter time-frame for BP). I’ve set in motion the process for bringing most of my Rogers stock directly under my control and am debating selling a large chunk should it go above $40 (too many eggs in one basket) but am unsure as to where to put the funds that it delivers should that come to pass.


Other than that, not much going on. Very much looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend at the cottage. First time in the new cottage should be exciting. I hope the weather isn’t too bad.