Hang on, I think I just got into a Gatling gun duel…

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I was just cruising Reddit and I came across a comment I wanted to post here. It was in a thread about Ad-Block. It fairly accurately described my own issues with advertisements (though I have sheltered myself a little more from it by working from home). I run ad-block on both Chrome and Firefox and […]

I’m still alive.

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Just haven’t had much to talk about lately. Odd. I enjoyed The Owls Of Ga’hoole… maybe I’ll write a review about that some time. hmmm… Tweet This Post

Bug’s Brain


Sorry it’s been a little longer than I’d hoped since my last post. No excuse really, work got a little busy is all. So, what’s been on my mind lately? What I’ve Been Watching on TV: Dexter I’m really loving Dexter this year. I hadn’t watched the show until the middle of the summer hiatus […]

Bug’s Brain

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So I’ve been thinking about taking a page from Potato’s blog and run a (hopefully) weekly roundup of thoughts and musings that I had over the past several days. Sticking with the alliteration theme, I’ll go with Bug’s Brain for now. StarCraft II Potato posted his thoughts recently on the game after having a few […]

I headed up to the cottage again this past weekend, and as usual, a good time was had. I was the only one of my generation up there until Friday evening when Hayley showed up. We didn’t get a lot done with knocking stuff off the “to-do” list (mostly because I was so tired I […]