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Sorry about the lack of posts lately; I haven’t been in a writing mood for some reason. I do have quite a list of things to blog about now though. One of the gifts I received for Christmas this year was a box set of The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set by Suzanne Collins given […]

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Fitness Institute and Strong Lifts 5×5 Program As I mentioned in my last two posts, I recently joined the Fitness Institute. I’ve been able to work out there twice now, and figured I’d give some thoughts on the 5×5 program and the facilities I’ve used thus far. First up, I am very happy with the […]

The first comic that I ever bought was Spider-man number 8 in March 1991. I was hooked. Spider-man always seemed to be a more “accessible” hero than the other “big-two” of Superman and Batman. Spider-man could be me. I wasn’t going to become an alien from a doomed planet, and my parents weren’t murdered billionaires, […]