Tons of Used Parts …Chapter IV

Well my efforts to dispose of the entire used parts inventory have not been successful. I had expressions of interest but when it came down to it they just didn’t work out.
As a result I have reluctantly decided to try to sell what I can through this blog.


As can be imagined organizing and describing the parts is very time consuming, and my storage arrangements are somewhat tenuous but, we just have to see how this works out.
One of the more difficult issues with used parts is figuring out a fair price. This is because different people have different interpretations of the value of such parts.




First you have the person who looks upon used parts the way they would view things at a garage sale or a flea market, and in some ways that is not unreasonable. The parts are used and it would be easy to imagine that I got them for very little and therefore they have little value.

At the other end of the spectrum is the true aficionado; this is someone who has seen what is available in reproduction parts and really appreciates originality. I guess I’m one of those.



For those in the first category please consider this. In order for these parts to get to where they now are all of the following had to occur.
The car from which they were removed had to be purchased and moved to our shop.
The car then had to be disassembled, this doesn’t mean ripped apart, it had to be carefully taken to pieces while being very careful to not damage the more useable parts. The people doing this work were not “casual labour”, I tried that and everything got destroyed, so the disassemblers were, for the most part, qualified mechanics.
 The parts removed had to be cleaned and sorted into “keepers” and “chuckers” and we had to pay to have all the latter parts amd the carcasses dumped.
 Storage trailers had to be purchased and positioned on valuable land.
 Storage shelving had to be purchased and assembled inside the trailers.
 Storage containers has to be purchased and then the “keepers” had to be sorted and stored in the trailers, some for as long as 20 years.
 Now someone (me) has to photograph and document all the parts and put them up on the blog.




So, when I say that a used thingamajiggy is $55, it is all of the above that is being paid for and …..we tried our very best to do it on the cheap!!



So here are the rules:
1. The minimum value of an order is $CDN40. If you want something worth less think of something to add to it. To put it bluntly I’m not in this to waste my time searching out $2 parts that someone thinks are worth $0.50. I am 25 minutes drive from where the parts are stored so it is at least 1 ½ hours out of my day to search out an individual part.
2. Everything is sold as is and all sales are final. Ask me any questions you like and I will do my best to answer them. I know British parts pretty well and am usually aware of what is important but please ..ask.
3. Please try to be very specific about what you need. Include the make model and year of car and an accurate description of the part you need.
4. I will charge a packaging charge of $5.00 for articles under 2 kg and this can be as much as $150 for big things like major body panels and heavy bits, like engines.
5. I will ship all parcels of a size that they will accept via Canada Post I will get a cost for the postage and send this to you.
6. I would prefer that you make arrangements for the collection and shipping of larger items.  I can arrange for this but I will charge a service charge of 20% of the shipping costs.

If you are interested in a particular part please contact me at the address at the top of the page and be sure to include what you feel is a fair price for the part.
Say something like:
I’m interested in a Spitfire MkII cylinder head. The casting number on the head is 122322 and if you have one in good condition complete with valves and springs I will pay $100 for it.”

Additionally it would be VERY HELPFUL if you would use a brief description of what you need in the “Subject Line”

If you have no idea what the part should be worth let me know and I will try to figure out a fair price. I will try to make every effort to answer all inquiries but if you don’t hear back please try me again, I use a pretty aggressive spam filter and stuff gets lost.

Scott Morris has been good enough to re-arrange the list into a much easier format to search.. .. something for which I’m very grateful. You can download it here:


I will try to keep it up to date and add more pictures as I get the opportunity to take them. I will not be updating the list on my previous post.

About Michael

Who is this guy? Born in New Zealand some time back. Went to Maori Hill Primary School then Kaikorai Valley High before joining the RNZAF and an Airman Cadet in 1968. Graduated 1972 with an NZCE in Aeronautical Engineering. Then embarked on the typical Kiwis "Big Trip Overseas". Got to see quite a few places, and spent a while in the U.K. "home" as it was refered to by many New Zealanders in those days, before travelling on to New York and then to Canada by bus!! This trip is presently on hold (has been for the last 34 years). Met my dear wife Judy not long after arriving in Ontario and we have been happily married since 1976. After travelling around New Zealand and the pacific in 1979 I started Precision Sportscar andfor the next 23 years grew the business and helped raise 2 boys Drew and Robin.
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22 Responses to Tons of Used Parts …Chapter IV

  1. Gene Kwiatkowski says:


    Do you have any 100 seat pans, preferable drivers side?

    I’m restoring a 100 and would be interested in what

    you are offering for this car.


  2. Bill park says:

    Hi, Michael!
    I’m interested in the left (driver’s) rear wings for the 100.
    What condition are they, and how much?
    I would pick it up to save shipping, packaging, etc. Thanks, and good luck with your sale!


  3. Bill Schumann says:


    Do I have a chance at finding a glove box lock for a 67 3000. No idea what its value might be, other than someone in Maryland is selling the complete right side of the dash; glove box, lock, and veneered panel for $300.00. $100.00?????


  4. Ron Huseman says:

    I’m a Healey Lister. Thanks for offering your parts individually. I’ll try to make this as simple as possible. I am restoring a BJ7 and need the following:
    – One front shroud. Can be dinged or dented but must be repairable without cutting and welding in new parts. I see you have one Healey 3000 “lower half” of a shroud. Is this the front, includng the grill? Interested if so.
    – One set of exterior door handles. (Handles only)I can replate but they must be in working order.

    I’m willing to pay any fair price you put on these items, but unlike some others, I’m working on a “retiree’s” budget.

    Thanks for your time.
    Ron Huseman

  5. Rod Patriquin says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the Alpine O/D unit. Is it ready to bolt in or does it need rebuilding? What is your price?
    Where are you located?
    Thanks, Rod

  6. Don Tate says:

    I’m interested in the horn shown in the photos, especially if it is the high note. Will pay $60 US. Also interested in the horn/trafficator shown in the photos if its for a BN2.


  7. Jean Caron says:

    Would you have a left rear wing for an early BN1 as well as the door hinges for both doors or the doors themselves with the hinges on it. Also looking for a trunk lid, in aluminum for the same BN1.
    Jean Caron
    Vintage Roadster Restoration
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  8. Don Tate says:

    Hi Michael,
    A while back, I inquired about a high note horn for my BJ8 but that didn’t work out as you discovered it didn’t work.

    I’m progressing with my restoration of a BN2 and need a good steering box for a non-adjustable steering wheel. I also need a usable rear brake drum.

    If you have either of these items or know of other sources, please reply at your earliest convenience.

    Many thanks.

    Best regards,
    Don Tate

    PS: I enjoyed the Healey Marque article Michael Orit wrote about your Targa Newfoundland rally. Congratulations!

  9. Bob Clark says:

    Hello Michael,
    I have purchased a 1955 100 4 Bn1 in pieces and seem to need many parts. If you have any or all of the following list can you let me know? Sorry there are so many.Thank you. Bob

    Clutch linkages, levers and shafts especially the large shaft in the transmission bell housing. I have the pedals
    Small push rod with threaded end for brake master cylinder. I have the brake master but the rod is missing, there is a larger rod that it should thread into.

    2 Door strikers,one door check, rear cockpit moulding, passenger seat pan.
    Overdrive switch and escutcheon. Throttle switch and flasher relay

    front feet for fold down windscreen, the small stops on the front wings, knurled nuts and stepped bolts. Soft top clamps

    Trunk handle, lid stay, opening pull rod for front

    100 grill emblem, side curtain frames

    Gas pedal and any throttle linkages you have.
    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Thank you, Bob

  10. Andrea VILLA-- Italy says:

    Hi Michael
    I are involved in one Austin Healey 100/6 1957/58 BN4 LO 43xxx restoration

    I need ;
    LEFT and RIGHT front brakes BACK PLATES in working order or rebuild-able

    two or one LUCAS HORNS 1748 in working or rebuild-able conditions

    Tanks in advance for reply

  11. nelson says:

    dear friend do you have 100 4 cylinder block

  12. E. Rex Bond says:

    Hi, I am a NZer I have got an EX US LH drive 55 BN4, Would have a RH Steering box and Idler Box to bring it to NZ road Law. If you have am I able to buy them and what cost plus freight. also the eye brow part that fits over the grill.
    I tive in Taupo
    Rex Bond

    • Michael S says:

      Hi Rex,
      I’m originally from Dunedin, on the mainland, and visit Queenstown every ear to get away from the horrible Canadian winters.
      Can’t help with any RHD steering parts.. Have you tried Steve Pike?
      I have several grille “hoods”. They are made of stainless steel and although the ones I have may have some marks on them they are easily re-polished.
      I sell them for 1/2 the price of a new one.

  13. Rex Bond says:

    What formate do I have to go through to be able to purchace a Grill hood
    Rex Bond

  14. warren says:

    Hi Micael,

    Nice talking with you mate..
    I was reading one of your blogs and read you had some TR3 parts..
    One of my projects is a TR3A at the moment,..and altough the car is very clean and rust free,…the doors aint good enough for me. Therefore I have two options,…eighter find the whole doors or change the panels.
    My question is…do you have any TR3A Doors?



  15. Ernest Rex Bond says:

    Would have the 2 grill frames upper & lower that fit on the front of the bonnet?
    Rex Bond
    New Zealand

  16. Ernest Rex Bond says:

    Hi , Would have the two frames upper and lower that fit on the bonnet over the BN4 Grill?
    Rex Bond
    New Zealand

    • Michael says:

      Hi Rex, I believe that you are talking about the chrome intake grille and surround for the bonnet air intake.
      For the 100/6 the grille has a horizontal bar.
      I believe that I have a good used original set.
      Email me at if that is correct please.
      Michael S

  17. Michael Collins says:

    Hi Michael, I was asked by a friend to try you with regards Healey 104 BN1 parts
    2 x completed head lights assembly
    1 x bonnet emblem
    1x rear boot badge Austin Healey
    2x foots to hold windscreen down
    1x grill 100Z badge
    2x complete seats
    That will do for now,any help I would appreciate
    Many Thanks
    Michael Collins

  18. Need Caliper mounting bracket or adapter that fits any disk brakes except for BJ8 late models. Do you have the left and right side.
    Need a price, tax and shipping to Minnesota.

  19. John Beaudoin says:

    Hi Michael;

    How up to date is the available parts list for Healey 100’s? Also is there a price listing of any kind for the listed parts?

    Please advise.



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